Proverbs 27:20 “Hell and destruction are never full, of the eyes of man are never satisfied”.

Humans want ‘stuff’.



It might be as simple as a McDonald’s

Big Mac, or as esoteric as ‘peace of mind’.

We want stuff.  Tangible or intangible, real or imaginary; it does not matter.

 I may want ‘much’.  You may want ‘little’. Does not matter whether it is plenty or sparse; it is still stuff.

It is stuff that moves us from a place of dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

I am dissatisfied because I only have 6 rose bushes.  Consequently I buy 3 more and I am satisfied. I like roses.

You may have 6 automobiles and realize that you are dissatisfied with 6.  By ridding yourself of 3 automobiles you become satisfied. 

And those who purchased them, who were once dissatisfied, are now satisfied by purchasing your automobiles.

And a year from now, I may want more roses and you less automobiles. 
Our desire for stuff changes.


I want ‘peace of mind’.  I read my Bible.

You want ‘peace of mind’.  You may visit a psychiatrist.


I am helped by my Bible.  You are helped by a psychiatrist.

We both want to move from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

 Thus, we organize our behavior to move from a position of dissatisfaction to satisfaction through acquiring stuff. This is economics.