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…if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it?  2 Kings 5:13

We would do well to learn from Naaman’s arrogance and realize that man knows very little, yet claims to know so much.

Naaman “knew” what was necessary for him to be healed; the prophet was to come do something stunningly miraculous to heal him.  Instead, the prophet Elisha told him to go “dip seven times in the Jordan”. How utterly simple.

In his arrogance, Naaman was wrath.  “There are better waters!” Naaman “knew” there was a better way. It surely could not be so simple.

The problem with “simple” is it robs politicians of glory.  There is no feeding of ego when the solution to a problem is easy.  In fact, human government has become so convoluted, that politicians make up problems so they can make up solutions that bring glory to themselves.

Witness the issue of “brain drain” in West Lafayette Indiana.  Here is the problem:  students graduate and move away.  Go figure. It is commonly referred to as growing up.

Oh, “But there is a better way!” is the rallying cry of planners, economic developers and politicians.

To stem this natural phenomenon of growing up the city is going to pay $200,000 to lease space for entrepreneurs to incubate ideas.  That is a stunning and miraculous idea Naaman!  Seems West Lafayette/Lafayette will shrivel up and die if we don’t start creating jobs.  Sarcasm intended.

The irony; once seen as the ultimate risk takers entrepreneurs are the new “leeches”:  Gimme, gimme, gimme.  Obviously the entrepreneurs have already come up with one great idea:  “Taxpayers, you pay the bills and we will take the proceeds”. “This is a better way” is the  mantra.

There is a simple solution:  “You take the risk, you get the rewards”.  But there is nothing in that for politicians or bureaucrats.  Freedom doesn’t have an interest group that can easily be pandered to.

Free markets have always worked in producing the most efficient means of distributing goods and services.  But there is nobody to claim they came up with a “better way”.

Go dip in the Jordan Naaman.