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Zach Medler, a really terrific artist, is in a real pickle.  He joined forces with the politicos in Lafayette to help “funkify” the town.  But I think he is really is enrolled in Politics 101.  Today’s lesson:  the city that takes from others to give to you, will ultimately take from you to give to others.

The city annointed Zach to make Lafayette hip.  They picked the artists, they found the locations, they gave a thumbs up to the Small Space:Lafayette project and they put up the money all in the name of funkifying Lafayette.  The only problem is one man’s funkify is another man’s say what?.

And so the battle begins.  Zach is feeling bullied because the art work at Sylvia’s Brick Oven is being covered up.  Free speech you see really isn’t free; especially when it is paid for by politicians.  It’s political speech.  The golden rule of political might is proven again:  They that have the gold, rule.

The police feel bullied because the art work left them in a say what? sort of mood. Politicians like police, especially when you are in a law and order sort of town.   Opps, sorry Zach, you lose.  The police special interest is more special and interesting than your special interest.

Here is a better idea for public art.  If you have a building, house, apartment ect that you would like to be funkified contact me.  I will put  you in contact with Zach.  You as the property owner and Zach as a supplier of labor can work out the terms of the deal and get to it.  Maybe you would like a yellow banana?2014-08-19 11.16.43  I love yellow banana’s painted on houses, or even stuck on a pole.  Pink/fuschia houses are cool too.

Than we will ask the government to preform one of it’s legitimate functions:  protect free speech.  And maybe they will cease with the illegitimate function of promoting art.